AMCB Foundation

December 2015 Expanded Medical Clinic​​

AMCB donated over 200 blankets to villagers during the cold winter months. Word had spread prior to the event, and villagers lined up for hours that morning in anticipation of our arrival.


January 2015 Medical Clinic & Food Donation​​

December 2012 Inaugural Village Visit

AMCB brought 14 physicians to the village of Bikrampur Khilgaon to provide medical assistance and donate food to over 400 villagers. 

We are financially supported by a small community of donors around the globe. Volunteers comes from local communities and the United States. We are looking to expand our support.

Current Projects

Our Services

We strive to improve the lives of people who suffer from poverty. We provide goods and services for the poor and needy in the form of food, clothing, medical care, and education. We collaborate with the community to identify needs and deliver solutions. 

AMCB returned to Bikrampur Khilgaon with 9 doctors providing medical assistance to over 1000 people. The event caught the attention of the national news, and the event was broadcast on four different television stations.


Our current focus is planning annual events which provide medical care, food, and clothing donations to the villagers in Bikrampur Khilgaon. We are hoping to include educational resources in our next event in 2017. We are also raising money with the long-term goal of building a hospital for villagers who do not have access to healthcare