AMCB Foundation


To improve the lives of people who suffer from poverty through hunger alleviation, healthcare and education.


Prosperity and opportunity for present and future generations.


AMCB Founder, Asadul Chowdhury

About AMCB Foundation

The Asadul and Mahvash Charitable Corporation, Bangladesh (AMCB) Foundation is a United States-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded by Asadul Chowdhury in 2012 to promote community development in poor areas in Bangladesh. Asadul was born and brought up in the Bikrampor Khilgaon area of Bangladesh where he witnessed firsthand the poverty and suffering of many villagers. Asadul left his beloved village for higher education in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh and then the United States of America, though remained motivated to improve the lives of the poor and suffering people of his home community. Asadul set up a life in America, but he never forgot about his roots and founded the AMCB foundation to improve the lives of the poor and needy. He named the foundation after himself and his wife Mahvash.

The AMCB Foundation became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States in 2012. Since that time, Asadul and his family have been working to establish this organization in Bangladesh with the goal of improving access to resources such as clothing, food, and healthcare.  Several successful events have been executed, with the most recent clinic event in January 2016 gaining the attention of the national news in Bangladesh.


In progress! Visit us again soon in order to meet our members.